Thursday, July 7, 2016

Do You Need a Bicycle Assist Engine Kit?

A bicycleassist engine kit can be attached to a bicycle. This engine kit can power the vehicle. A motorized bicycle is a genuine bicycle, only it is assisted by power. A motorized bicycle, for the purposes of registration requirements and government licensing, is defined as a motorcycle, moped, motor vehicle, or a different category of hybrid vehicle. Powered by various engine designs and types, a motorized bicycle paved the way for a motorcycle.

Engine kits that assist bicycles into becoming motorized bicycles can be of different types. They can range from internal combustion 2-stroke and 4-stroke gasoline engines to diesel, steam propulsion, or electric. Majority of motorized bicycles are derived from or based on general purpose or standard bicycle technologies and frame designs, although there are quite a few exceptions. Moreover, alterations to a general bicycle frame for supporting motorization might be extensive.

The oldest bicycles that worked with engine kits were plain utility bicycles that were fitted with an add-on transmission and motor to help standard pedal propulsion. This form principally differentiates a motorized bicycle from a motorcycle or moped. In an age when transmission designs and gasoline engine were in their early stages, and the power-to-weight ratios were less, a double-purpose propulsion system appeared to be advantageous. As time advanced, pedal propulsion was more and more substituted by continual use of 2-stroke or 4-stroke gasoline engine. However, the idea of using bicycle assist engine kits has persisted. The idea has also resurfaced time and again, over the past years, specifically in times of fuel shortage or austerity. In places where fuels and / or automobiles are expensive and rarely available, a motorized bicycle enjoys sustained popularity as a principal mode of transport.

The design of a motorbike or a motorized bicycle differs according to the objective of use. Few motorized bicycles are strong enough to be propelled on their own, without any use of pedals. The moped is a development of a motorized bicycle and has a non-functional pedal drive that is primarily fitted to meet legal requirements. The pedal drive is vestigial in the sense that it is needed for starting the engine. It might be needed for emergency use also.

Presently, bicycles with assisting engine kits are being developed as add-on motor kits as well as complete designs. The add-on motor kits can be used on normal bicycles by commercial makers or by hobbyists. With the launch of newer, lighter, and stronger batteries, electric motors for bicycle assist 
are becoming more and more popular.

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